The Black Russian Terrier Breeders

When people think of the word ‘breeder,' they often think of people who do nothing but let their dogs mate and sell the babies. Guardian Bears Kennel is not just a breeder of Black Russian Terriers. They are a family that loves dogs. DeAnne Hawkes and Dr. Richard Hawkes have worked together to rescue, retrain, rehabilitate and re-home many working dogs. Their passion for the Black Russian Terrier breed is well known.

DeAnne Hawkes began training dogs in 1989. Her extensive knowledge and methods make her an ideal breeder. Prior to becoming a Black Russian Terrier breeder, she worked as a registered nurse, which gave her a special type of experience that she feels serves her well when reading cues from dogs, and forming bonds and training. She has trained various dogs to earn obedience titles, as well as certified therapy dog status, and has pursued continuing education with dog behaviorists through veterinary conferences, classes, training sessions and dog training programs.

Dr. Richard Hawkes has worked as a small animal veterinarian since 1996, having graduated with honors from the Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island. Dr. Hawkes has an immense amount of experience in keeping animals healthy and free of debilitating disease. He uses these skills as a Black Russian Terrier breeder every day, not only to raise awareness of the ailments that can affect the breed and how owners can avoid or deal with health issues, but also in raising pups with optimal health so they can join a family and home like yours. DeAnne and Dr. Hawkes take a lot of pride in being a trustworthy and experienced breeder of Black Russian Terriers.

The Hawkes work hard to be the most helpful and knowledgeable breeders. Give them a call today to talk about your next canine family member!