Purebred Black Russian Terrier Puppies for Sale

As our next litter of Black Russian Terrier puppies for sale becomes available, it is important to understand that all our dogs are purebred. Founded in 1884, the American Kennel Club has continuously provided breeders and dog owners with accurate and informative certified pedigrees. A pedigree is a record of descent for an animal. For your convenience, we assure that every one of our Black Russian Terrier puppies has a known and written purebred family history.

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What this means is that you will know where your pup came from. This allows us and you to better predict your Black Russian Terrier’s behavior. Because we only breed purebred dogs, we are able to tell our clients and prospective owners that their pup will range from a height of 26-30 inches and a weight between 80-150 pounds, with a life spanning generally between 12 and 14 years. This is great information to have when picking out the best pup for your family.

Better yet, breeding purebred dogs allows us to observe and convey the behavioral attributes that your new pup will grow into. After many years of practice and research, we know certain traits that our Black Russian Terrier puppies will have. We know this is a protection breed. The Black Russian Terrier by nature will protect its people and property at any cost. This is something you must consider before becoming an owner of one of these incredible dogs. For more information, check out other articles in our Black Russian Terrier blog.

Check out our dogs Zoya and Misha for a preview of characteristics in our next litter of Black Russian Terrier puppies!