Young Arisha in Training

Guardian Bears Kennel requires that all puppy buyers commit to early training and socialization, beginning as early as three months of age. This builds the necessary foundation that prepares both owner and puppy for the mature BRT mindset.

Our commitment to every owner of a Guardian Bear is for the life of the dog.

We're available to provide every puppy buyer with breed-specific training knowledge, advice and expert guidance at every life stage. Hereditary guarding instincts begin to kick in anywhere between 12 and 18 months of age. Often, the transformation from sweet, carefree puppy into a focused guard dog can seem to happen overnight.

Guarding and protecting are what the BRT was bred to do, so these instincts are expected and desirable; however, without proper training and socialization, the adult BRT can become overly dominant and protective. 

Early guarding behavior must be properly channeled. This is achieved through consistent training as these behaviors begin and continue to emerge. Training ensures the BRT matures into a reliably obedient adult that uses its instincts in desirable ways, and becomes a well balanced member of the family and society. Contact us for more information.

Juri earns his novice rally obedience title, July 2011

Bootcamp Training Services

Young Nika in Training

The Dog’s Spot, our training partner in Georgia

Kim Hicks of The Dog’s Spot Training in Georgia will pick up your dog on a prearranged date at Arendell Animal Hospital in Morehead City, North Carolina. At the time of pickup, Kim will discuss your wish list and desired commands. Behavior problems can be included. After completion of the month-long training program, you will receive a 1-hour training session and written training plan to follow. Visit The Dog’s Spot website for detailed information on the program. You can also contact Kim at 912-823-4382 or by email:

From The Dog’s Spot: We're pleased to offer Bootcamp services to dog owners through Arendell Animal Hospital. Once a month, our van travels to Morehead City to pick up dogs for the program. Dogs spend four weeks at our facility in Ellabell (Savannah), Georgia. At the end of training, dogs are transported back to Morehead City, where owners are taught commands their dogs have learned. The program covers everything our regular Bootcamp covers, plus an additional week of practice to ensure dogs are solid before returning home. Training requires proof of up-to-date vaccinations, including Bordetella, to enable safe socialization.