Black Russian Terrier Upkeep

Black Russian Terriers aren’t for everyone. These beautiful dogs require an experienced hand and a good knowledge of how they think. If you are considering making the purchase, make sure you are aware of the following basics for raising a Black Russian terrier.

First and foremost, these dogs need immediate training and socialization. When they are puppies, we want to make sure they gain the confidence and familiarity with the world to behave appropriately. Black Russian Terriers are known for their mature psyches so we aim to prepare both our owners and dogs for the transition from friendly puppy to instinctive guard dog. The reason we require our puppies to be socialized is so that they do not become overly protective. As important as it is to have a dog that will protect you from intruding danger, it is equally important to raise a pup that knows the difference between an intruder and a harmless stranger.

Second, we encourage our buyers to consider the size and power of the Black Russian Terrier. These dogs will instinctively protect their owners and properties, ignoring all the fragile items in your household. The hardest part of this trait is that the Black Russian Terrier does not respond well to heavy-handed correction and discipline. Although the dog itself is very trainable, it takes a steady hand and a calm mind to make sure they receive the kind of corrections that will make an impact. With 80-150 lbs. of animal ready to attack, this can be hard to achieve. Your safety and that of your family and friends is our main concern.

Finally, we want our buyers to look at the immense amount of pro’s that come along with these dogs. Black Russian Terriers are known for being devoted family companions, worthy competitors, ambassadors of service, and best yet…low-shedding. If you feel that you have the knowledge to properly care for and raise one of these brilliant creatures, you will be in the perfect position between an animal that will love you unconditionally and keep you safe. While being great service animals and big outdoors dogs, Black Russian Terriers are perfect as indoor family companions. Their low-shed coat makes grooming easy and keeps the furniture clean. With proper training and socialization, the Black Russian Terrier can be the perfect companion for an owner and family.

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