Black Russian Terrier Breeders with Heart

We have heart because they do.

The Black Russian Terrier (BRT) is an affectionate breed that loves people and will protect them with their whole heart. We do it because being Black Russian Terrier breeders means that we get to love this magnificent dog right back. They are robust and courageous, yet sensitive and ready to please, and owning a BRT means owning one of the best dog breeds.

We began breeding this magnificent breed after the loss of our beloved Rottweiler. Ready to start again and fill a space in our hearts and home that only a big dog can do, we researched and discovered the BRT, which we just couldn’t get enough of. We wanted to provide other families with the dog that had forever taken hold of our hearts. We want to make sure that each litter we produce truly offers Black Russian Terriers that will change the lives of the people who own them.

If you think a Black Russian Terrier is right for you, but you want to be sure before you make the commitment, contact us today and we would be happy to tell you about our dogs.

If you have a BRT puppy that needs training, which we recommend you start as soon as three months old, then sign up for BRT training and learn about what you need to do to ensure your puppy grows with the mentality that has made the Black Russian Terrier so desirable.

If you know this breed is the one for you, don’t hesitate! Our dogs can’t wait to make your home their forever home, so look through our BRTs and see which furry friend steals your heart.