Introducing Our Royal E Litter from Princess Arisha!

Guardian Bears Kennel is proud to present our much-anticipated Royal E Litter from Princess Arisha and Oli Tamale - the first litter from two of our Grand Champion Black Russian Terriers!

Dam: The #1 Black Russian Terrier Bitch of All Time – AKC Gold Grand Champion and Slovenian Princess Arisha (AKC GCHG Arisha Krasa Russkaya Nochnaya Zvezda, CGC)

Sire: Rising star and new AKC Bronze Grand Champion - Oli Tamale (AKC GCHB Oles Ognennij Zver, CGCU)

On November 6, 2017, Princess Arisha gave birth to three massive baby boys, each weighing around two pounds! They are stunningly beautiful and we are looking forward to long, healthy lives full of love for these very special Guardian Bears.

Contact us if you'd like to know more about these Royal Princes from Arisha and Oli!

Two weeks old and already dreaming like a big boy...