Arisha’s Sister Angara Brings Her First Litter Into the World!

Guardian Bears Kennel is excited to share that Black Russian Terrier breeder Alenka Petrovič has a beautiful new litter at Kennel Russkaya Nochnaya Zvezda in Slovenia. Alenka’s Slovenian Junior Champion Angel Angara Russkay a Nochnaya Zvezda gave birth to five puppies on March 30, 2016 – four boys and one girl. The handsome sire is Romanian Junior Champion Fire Starter Inima Mea.

Angara is the sister of Guardian Bears AKC Gold Grand Champion Arisha Krasa Russkaya Nochnaya Zvezda – and the first BRT from this exceptional litter to carry on the line. All of us expect more outstanding health, power and beauty with this breeding.

Congratulations, Alenka, on the second successful breeding at your kennel!

If you’re interested in one of Angara’s puppiescontact us at GBK, or feel free to reach out to Alenka directly at the email address in the photo below, or through facebook.