Make Sure Your BRT Gets Plenty of Exercise

If you own Black Russian Terriers (BRT) or want to learn more about the breed, one of the most important things to know is that they have lots of energy and require regular exercise. They also need regular interaction with their humans. BRTs quickly develop their protective instincts, usually within a year. Given the right training and guidance, these instincts will be channeled in the right direction.

At Guardian Bears Kennel, we love seeing our puppies join their forever homes, but we want to know they will receive proper exercise, socialization and training in their new environments.

Officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 2004 as a member of the Working Dog Group, the BRT is a robust and courageous dog. They may not be the best choice for novice dog owners, given their size as well as guarding and protection instincts.

If you’re an animal lover but know you’ll be away from home a lot, a BRT is probably not the dog for you. They’re smart and sensitive, so if they feel unattached to their owners, they may become disinterested in interacting with any humans. If you know you can exercise, play and train with your BRT on a regular basis for the life of the dog, you’ll find the BRT to a wonderful and devoted companion.

The best place to gain information about any dog breed is from a responsible and thorough breeder, and at Guardian Bears, we strive to be both at all times. We love our Black Russian Terriers and know that if you find this breed fits your lifestyle, you’ll grow to love and respect them as much as we do