Black Russian Terrier Breeders Who Are Committed to Success

At Guardian Bears Kennel, we love meeting potential pet owners who are as committed to the success of their dog as we are. We take pride in our pups, and want to see them go to loving and nurturing homes where they can live long, full lives protecting and playing with their families.

As Black Russian Terrier (BRT) breeders, we take our breeding and training programs seriously, simply because we want to produce excellent dogs that will work hard and show the highest quality of this unique breed.

When you come to us for a BRT, we will explain what you can expect as a new pet owner. BRTs must be properly nurtured and socialized so that their hereditary guarding and protecting instincts do not become over-dominant or aggressive, putting your family in stressful situations where you’re concerned how your BRT will react to strangers or newcomers to your home.

BRTs should not be left alone for long periods of time, as they need socialization to thrive and allow their natural tendencies to flourish.

We’ll cover all of the important details before you bring home a BRT from us, including any health concerns or health testing that you should be aware of in the future.

We want to be successful Black Russian Terrier breeders, and we know success only comes through the quality of the dogs, and the compatibility of the owners who take them to their forever homes.

Let us know today if you’re interested in owning one of our pups.