Black Russian Terrier Breeders Take Pride in Our Pups

At Guardian Bears Kennel, located in the coastal region of North Carolina, we provide a nurturing and dynamic environment for our Black Russian Terriers (BRT) puppies. Since this breed was developed as a military dog in 1950s Russia, BRTs have an innate sense of duty and workmanship that can be seen in their build, temperament and personality. As Black Russian Terrier breeders, Guardian Bears strives to produce confident and intelligent dogs that continue the pedigree of their forebears.

Whereas Black Russian Terriers were initially bred as military dogs, they’ve found their way into the civilian population. Guardian Bears has raised and bred multiple champions. Visit Our Boys and Our Girls to read about our successes. We train and breed exceptional canines, and our dedication can be seen in the way our dogs react to commands and how they present themselves. A Black Russian Terrier can work as a guard dog for your home and property, but will also provide companionship to your immediate family, forming a life-long bond.

When Guardian Bears began the journey to become Black Russian Terrier breeders, we knew it would take a lot of work and effort to achieve our goals of health and sound temperament. The work isn’t over and never will be while we’re breeding and raising pups into strong, courageous dogs. We love seeing families connect with a certain dog and take one home. A BRT can live happily in a house or apartment, provided they are not isolated or lacking in daily exercise and mental stimulation. To learn more about our dogs and breeding program, give us a call at 252-723-9879 or contact us online.