Black Russian Terrier Puppies for Sale In January 2015

At Guardian Bears Kennel, we’re excited this holiday season to welcome our litter of eight beautiful Black Russian Terrier (BRT) puppies. We love seeing their sweet faces and the pride their mother takes in raising them. If you are ready for a puppy for yourself or your family, please contact us. We currently have female puppies available. Our litter of Black Russian Terrier puppies arrived in late November and will be ready for sale and their forever homes in late January 2015.

Black Russian Terriers are a special breed of dog, so if you’re interested in purchasing one of our pedigree puppies, we want to know that you will take ownership seriously.


We require a commitment from every BRT owner that they will put their pup through early training and socialization protocols, preparing them for a successful and fulfilling life. BRTs bond very closely with their families and must be among their human companions, not left alone for long periods of time or isolated from the rest of the family. They were originally bred as a Russian military canine, and their temperament will show that while playful, they will work and protect your family.

To learn more about our Black Russian Terrier puppies that will be for sale in late January, please contact Guardian Bears today. Call us at 252-723-9879 or contact us online. While on our site, you can also download our dog Puppy Application or complete the application online.

Happy Holidays to you from all of us at Guardian Bears! We look forward to hearing from you.