Summer Fun - Our 1st Annual BRT Grooming Seminar and Social!

by DeAnne Hawkes

In August 2017, Guardian Bears Kennel hosted its first annual Black Russian Terrier Grooming Seminar and Family Social at our home in North Carolina. The four-day event was packed with teaching, learning, hard work and a lot of fun and sight-seeing with new and old friends from Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Tennessee, South Carolina – and even Slovenia! 

Richard and I had the pleasure of hosting members of our growing Guardian Bears family and their Bears (our grandchildren), as well as BRT owners and their Bears from other breeders. Hodges the Rottweiler and Molly the Shih Tzu were also in attendance! 

Alenka and Arisha

Alenka Petrovič, our dear friend and owner of BRT Kennel Russkaya Nochnaya Zvezda in Slovenia, was with us on an extended stay in the USA. She made fabulous friends and helped others with grooming techniques.

Alenka was also able to groom and spend time with two Black Russian Terriers she personally bred and placed in the United States, including her most famous breeding so far – our girl Arisha, the AKC’s #1 Black Russian Terrier Bitch of All Time.

Here are some special highlights from our successful event in the Summer of 2017. We will always cherish the special people and BRTs who came to learn, play, make new friends and explore the beautiful coast of North Carolina.  

Maybe one day you will join us, dear reader. Guardian Bears Kennel looks forward to hosting many more get-togethers to share knowledge, grooming expertise, stories and fun.