Our Zoya Bean and her sire Aaron Ben produced six beautiful Black Russian Terrier puppies in the Guardian Bears Kennel C litter. We hope you enjoy these photos and videos from their early days!

Six happy, healthy Baby Beans, ready to take on the world

Time to eat

Time to snooze

Final vet appointment before the babies go to their forever homes. They are handled with pure love by our fabulous vet techs at Arendell Animal Hospital.

Videos of the Baby Beans...

Video 1 - The Baby Beans

Video 2 - The Baby Beans

Video 3 -The Baby Beans


Photos of the Baby Beans and their families...

Guardian Bears Carolina Queen (Mya) with her new mom and dad

Mya (Guardian Bears Carolina Queen) inherited lots of new siblings!

Druga (Guardian Bears CAROLINA IN MY MIND) looking beautiful

Sirius Black (Guardian Bears Casanova) taking it easy with a pink elephant

Sirius Black (Guardian Bears Casanova) and proud Dad

Sirius Black (Guardian Bears Casanova) living up to his name

Jax (Guardian Bears Commander In Chief) getting groomed for the dog show

Tamako (Guardian Bears Covergirl Beauty) and her Dad getting ready for show time

Tamako (Guardian Bears Covergirl Beauty) with her proud new parents

Beautiful Tamako (Guardian Bears Covergirl Beauty) smiling for the camera

Jax (Guardian Bears Commander In Chief) and Dad out for a peaceful cruise